12 Holiday Scams to watch out for

12 Holiday Scams to watch out for

Posted on November 28th, 2011 by admin

Don't get fleeced


Be cautious with your online Holiday shopping, there is always someone out there trying to take advantage of you during the Holiday’s.

We are entering the season of online shopping, making travel plans, looking for that awesome special gift and surfing hundreds or even thousands of sites this time of year.

Cyber criminals know the level of activity increases dramatically and they have that many more targets to go after. Being aware and vigilant will make the Holiday Season more enjoyable and help keep your gift giving to the people on your list.

McAfee has some very useful tips on how to stay safe and what to look for, read the list and check it twice – unfortunately there are a lot of naught, not so nice people out there poised to take advantage of this season.

See the full list at “McAfee”: