$ 185,000 for a domain

$ 185,000 for a domain

Posted on June 14th, 2012 by admin

ICANN, the body that manages internet domain names, is expanding the TLD (top level domains) options to companies at the price of $ 185,000 each. These are the names following the ”.dot” like .com and .org.

So instead of google.com for instance, the could have google.youtube for that site.

There were a lot of applications, over 1,800 and at $ 185K each ICANN netted over $ 330 million. Some names were requested by multiple companies, like .web and .tech, and these applicants will need to manage who gets the names between themselves.


If you want to register your name, a simple $ 185,000 fee is all that separates you from that vanity plate.

See the full ICANN article at “The Washington Post”