A penny for your thoughts, or your gigabyte!

A penny for your thoughts, or your gigabyte!

Posted on August 22nd, 2012 by admin

Amazon Web Services launched a new storage solution targeted at storing files in a deep freeze, it is called Glacier.

There are tons of files that usually have no current relevance but need to be retained for a host of reasons. Long term storage is just what is needed for this data and it makes no sense to do that storage yourself.

For the staggering cost of $ 0.01 per gigabyte, yes, one red cent for a gigabyte, you can store that “stuff” with Amazon on their Glacier product.

What a great place to store large media files, enterprise archiving, digital images, replacing those useless tape backups that won’t recover anyway and much more.

Here is the link for Glacier and all its details.

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