Another reason to have a good backup procedure

Another reason to have a good backup procedure

Posted on December 19th, 2011 by admin

Computer hard drive

Some large hard drive manufacturers are cutting back warranty on their drives from three or five years to, in some cases, one year.

As drive capacity grows it is critical that residential and business owners have a rock solid backup process. More storage means you can lose more data!

We see data loss on a weekly basis. When hard drives fail they are not very elegant, it works and then it doesn’t in many cases. Data recovery on failed drives is possible but if there is physical damage to platters in many cases expensive clean room recovery is the only way to get all those pictures and music files back.

Just buy an inexpensive external drive, down load a great free program from Cobian and set a daily backup plan. It is easy and low cost insurance for when, NOT IF, that hard drive fails.

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