Apple is now worth more than….

Apple is now worth more than….

Posted on February 10th, 2012 by admin



The closing stock price of $ 493 on February 9th propelled Apple to wild new heights and a market cap of nearly $ 460 billion!



That market capitalization is now larger than:

-       The combined market caps of Google and Microsoft

-       The gross domestic product of Sweden, as well as Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Norway, Iran, Austria and plenty more countries

-       All the gold in the Federal Reserve, and then some. ($350 billion)

-       All the illegal drugs in the world, and then some ($321 billion)

-       More than 2.5 Apollo space programs ($145-$170 billion apiece)

-       Three times the entire U.S. clothing industry ($150 billion)

See more statistics and the full story at “CNN Money”: