Apple – The most valuable company in America

Apple – The most valuable company in America

Posted on September 21st, 2011 by admin

With a recent share price at over $ 410, Apple has a market capitalization of of over $ 230 billion.  It passed Exxon Mobile last month as the most valuable company in America – WOW.

Huge success with iPhones and 8 years running as the best customer satisfaction in the computer market have paid dividends for the company.

It is rumored that two new phones may be unveiled in early October and given past performance should take the innovating company to new heights.  Even with the departure of the iconic Steve Jobs the company just keeps pouring on profits and expected successes with new “must have” consumer products.

I guess I will need to retire my BlackBerry.  That might be a good idea before RIM is not around to support it.

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