Apples 1984 Macintosh Super Bowl ad

Apples 1984 Macintosh Super Bowl ad

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Apple showed this ad during the XVIII Super Bowl in 1984 as the launch of the Macintosh.

The advertisement has been deemed by some as the greatest ad of all times, certainly a harbinger of the great inventions that followed.

IBM was about to launch the new PCjr computer for the home market. The Apple Macintosh would be launched later in the month, surpassing the Apple ][. This ‘teaser’ was designed to alert viewers to the new era in personal computers, long enough to stop them from investing in the IBM. The whole advertisement represented the capacity for the Apple color screen to outdo the monotone world of the IBM.

As noted in WikiPedia:

"Ted Friedman, in his 2005 text, Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture, notes the impact of the commercial:

Super Bowl viewers were overwhelmed by the startling ad. The ad garnered millions of dollars worth of free publicity, as news programs rebroadcast it that night. It was quickly hailed by many in the advertising industry as a masterwork. Advertising Age named it the 1980sCommercial of the Decade, and it continues to rank high on lists of the most influential commercials of all time [...] ’1984′ was never broadcast again, adding to its mystique.”