Crowd source and fund your great startup idea

Crowd source and fund your great startup idea

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 by admin

Kickstarter is a way start ups can fund their new ideas without chasing venture capital.

Here is how it works;

- You have a great idea
- You create a page on
- Add video and descriptions of what you need funding for
- Define how much money you need
- Have some type of offer like discounts on the product or service
- If your funding level is reached then the supports cards are charged and off you go

Since 2009 they have helped raise $ 200 million from 1.8 million people and 20,000 project being successfully funded.

Look at the video for Pebble watch to see how incredible this can be for new ventures. They needed $ 100,000 start up for production of a new, very cool, watch and have received over $ 7 million in funding in just two weeks!

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