Free cloud backup – your cloud

Free cloud backup – your cloud

Posted on May 9th, 2012 by admin

Data backup is a much maligned and overlooked process – until your system crashes.

Everyone has a story

- I lost all my pictures, I can never replace them!
- It took me months to recreate my music and I am still missing stuff!
- It was terrible, I did not have the application CD’s to reinstall or the license numbers

I hear this every month from clients and some stories are just heart breaking. One client had 7 children and ALL of her pictures were on one drive – guess what, it crashed and she lost EVERYTHING. She literally cried when I told her the data was just lost for good, it was terrible.

So I will make it as easy as we can, and its FREE!!!!

There is a great tool called “Crash Plan” that you can use for FREE to backup personal computers to each other. So say you have two home computers and your son has one at school.

You can set them up so they backup to each other and you have an extra copy of your data on another PC.

The likelihood of two computer failing simultaneously is VERY LOW.

The likelihood of one computer failing it VERY HIGH.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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