Go big or bail fast

Go big or bail fast

Posted on August 24th, 2011 by admin


Product life cycles can sometimes be measured in days or hours in today’s lightning fast market.

 Blog reviews, social media and other word of mouth feedback often make or break a product launch live or die within days.

 A key message is to read the feedback correctly and quickly so you can minimize cost of a prolonged launch that may already be doomed to failure.

 While the speed of feedback has this dramatic impact on product launches you have to wonder why a product would get to this stage and fail so miserably?!  Seems like not enough market research has been done so either the right features are included or a dud concept is kicked out before it starts to even consume development overhead.

 Some notable short takes in the market

 Google Wave = 77 days

Palm tablet Folio = 0 days

HP Kin mobile phone = 48 days

There are exceptions, Microsoft’s first release of XBOX had huge quality issues and the Nintendo Wii was stiff competition.  They stuck with it and now is one of the best selling gaming systems of all time.

 See the full story at “The New York Times”: