Good news Friday

Good news Friday

Posted on February 17th, 2012 by admin


Sometimes all that technology information just gets boring and simply misses what is really important.

I found a wonderful site called that is just that – good news and great stories about wonderful people making a difference.

To support that effort I plan on posting a “good news” story every Friday.

The inspiration for these postings is my late mother, Emily Johnson.

My mother used to frequently say “I am going to write them a letter” whenever she came across something that needed to be fixed but more frequently when an action needed to be praised. Every morning, with her cup of coffee in hand, she would sit at the typewriter and type a letter to someone mentioning events or people she came in contact with.

Every day, without fail, she wrote a letter.

Emily was a lifelong contributor to charities of all kinds and devoted untold years of her life helping others.

While I could never hold a candle to all the great work she did during her life, I can help by continuing in her spirit – Here’s to you Emily, with love from Lars.

This story typifies the type of work Emily would get involved with, grass roots organizations that just want to give back to their community and people around the world who are less fortunate – take a look, share and contribute where you can.

These wonderful ladies hold pot luck dinners and use the proceeds from “Dinning for Women”, or DFW, to raise money for needy around the world.  So far they have raised over $ 1.5 million, one dinner at a time.

Read this wonderful story and visit their site to see how you can help, every small contribution makes a difference;

Thank you Emily for all you gave and thank everyone out there who selflessly contribute time, money and positive energy to those who are less fortunate!