Google+ Business – social media wars heating up

Google+ Business – social media wars heating up

Posted on July 8th, 2011 by admin


In the near future Google+ will be rolling out a business profile option following its recent social media release for individuals.

This could be a huge benefit for SMB’s;

  1. Many SMB’s have struggled with the plethora of social channels and time requirements to have a presence on multiple social media sites that have different content requirements and different uses/advantages.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FoureSquare, Yelp, StumbleUpon, and tons more overwhelm the small business owner who spends 12 hours a day running his or her business
  2. Where do most people go to find products, services and locations?  Google.  65% search market share and 1 billion searches per day
  3. Google Apps, search, E-commerce (Google Checkout), Google Sites, Adwords, mapping and more are core Google strengths that are targeted at matching consumers with businesses.  Most social media sites today are targeted at friends and not as obvious in their revenue generating focus.


The big boys are gearing up for a great big duke-a-thon. 

Their numbers stagger the imagination

Facebook – 750 million users = 11% market share OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE PLANET!!!

Facebook may go public with a valuation of $ 100 billion early next year.  If we assume they started in February 2004 here is how fast they have generated that value ($ 1.56 million per hour is a decent rate);



Google processes around 1 billion searches per day

YouTube uploads 35 hours of content every minute and has over 2 billion views per day

Google search engine market share is over 65%, next closest is Yahoo with 14%, Bing is right behind them

This is a great article from “PC World” and explains in more detail the potential impact of Google+ for businesses;