Google Drive – at last

Google Drive – at last

Posted on April 25th, 2012 by admin


It has hardly been a stealth product release but the Google Drive offering is now chomping at the other cloud offerings for hosting your data.

It makes perfect sense as an offering to augment their Gmail, Docs and other products that are slowly scooping up your infrastructure and managing it all for you on their servers. This is not necessarily a bad thing and certainly the wave Of the future for most everyday storage need.

There will always be a need for local storage whether it is for speed, perceived security, custom application or just because “that is the way we do it”.



The cloud will just grow over time, it is such a logical extension of the huge and investments the big boys have made in storage and infrastructure.

Over time they will solve the issues that keep most data local and we will forget about all that hardware stuff and focus on what is really important – the data.

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