Hackers deploy 9 new threats PER SECOND!!

Hackers deploy 9 new threats PER SECOND!!

Posted on June 18th, 2011 by admin

Secure your network

In 2010, Symantec discovered 286 MILLION NEW and UNIQUE threats from malicious software.

That deployment rate is 9 PER SECOND – it is literally impossible for traditional anti-virus and security software to be 100% effective.  They also found that harmful software surpassed the amount of useful software, and that was back in 2007

There is only true way to be 100% virus free – Do not go on the Internet.  Not a very interesting option.

What can the average person do?

-       First and foremost be vigilant – if you have the slightest doubt on a website or file, do not go there.  It is estimated that at least 1 in 10 file downloads are malicious

-       Never – EVER – provide security credentials in an email message.  If you have any question about the source, call the company directly and see if they are requesting this data

-       Make sure all your system updates are done, do not ignore that Microsoft yellow shield in the system tray, it is most likely a security patch and is there to help you

-       Annoyed with all the Adobe updates, we should be thankful.  Since PDF’s are such a ubiquitous delivery platform, many hackers use the file to piggy back right into your system – Do the updates

-       No anti-virus program is 100% effective, not having one installed is 100% defective.  There are plenty of excellent free products out there like Microsoft Security Essentials that updates itself automatically and can be set to scan daily

-       Want a free iPod?  Free samples of products?  These are modern day free money scams forms of the old disposed African Nations President that needs your bank details so he can wire you 1/3 of his multi-million dollar plunder.

-       For small businesses, have an IT expert provide a site audit.  An independent view is valuable and many quality IT companies offer this as a free service.

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