Hackers targeting Small Businesses

Hackers targeting Small Businesses

Posted on July 6th, 2011 by admin


There are over 10,000 hacker attacks every day impacting both big and small businesses.  Small businesses are more susceptible to attacks for a variety of reasons;

36% rely on free consumer antivirus applications.

31% have no anti-spam.

23% have no anti-spyware.

15% have no firewall.

13% have no security at all.

In many cases hackers attack websites and use them as launching platforms to spread malicious code sometimes resulting in a website being blacklisted by their hosting company and major browsers.

Appropriate website security is a must as well as making sure backups are happening so if a site is compromised a good version can be reloaded quickly and restore the site.

Check with your website designers and hosting companies to see what needs to be done to maintain site security and integrity.

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