Mobile device security

Mobile device security

Posted on September 9th, 2011 by admin

Everyone knows the PC routine where some errant download turns out to be a virus telling you your hard drive is crashing, the system is about to blow up and it all can be saved if you send the $ 29.95 to “fix” your computer.

These ploys, the equivalent of the email from a deposed King of a South African country who wants to split $ 13 million with you if you can just send your bank details, are ruses to cause havoc and prey on less informed people who actually send the money.

Well smart phones are no different and are targets where threats will grow just as fast as the handset volumes do.  Do not be fooled into thinking handsets are not vulnerable to hackers – the larger the population of a device the more fun these people have.


There are some basic and easy ways you can help protect yourself, just take these simple steps to help protect yourself;

-       Lock the device. Lost and stolen devices continue to be the most serious threat for businesses and consumers

-       Avoid questionable apps

-       Accept the patches from the manufacturer, these are usually important security updates

-       Back up your data.  This is just like your PC data, and you back that up already right??!!

-       Do not jail break your phone, this could bypass important security features

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