NASA confirms two of Einstein’s theories

NASA confirms two of Einstein’s theories

Posted on May 5th, 2011 by admin


One of the longest running NASA experiments concluded and confirmed to Einstein theories of relativity, the warping of space and time around a gravitational body and that spinning objects actually pull space and time, or the frame dragging effect.

Started in 2004 and finished in late 2010, the experiment used extremely precise gyroscopes to measure these hypothesized effects.  The findings will have a long term effect on theoretical physics

“Imagine the Earth as if it were immersed in honey. As the planet rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it’s the same with space and time,” Francis Everitt, GP-B principal investigator at Stanford University, said in a statement. “GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein’s universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research. Likewise, the decades of technological innovation behind the mission will have a lasting legacy on Earth and in space.”

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