Never click on “Warning, your computer might be at risk”!!!

Never click on “Warning, your computer might be at risk”!!!

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by admin

 False warning messagesScam messages from hackers

Scareware, malicious software that tries to scare you into resolving “fatal” computer errors is intended to disrupt your PC and ultimately ask you for money and then never resolve the issues.

Hackers have become very sophisticated in posing like legitimate companies, their displays look exactly like trusted sites like Microsoft and other leading vendors.  They will display messages saying you are infected, which you are, and that the hard drive is failing, which is probably isn’t, and you need to click here to resolve the issues.  One or two clicks later they will ask for your credit card details to fix the issue.

DO NOT DO IT!  It is a scam and will not fix the problem and may cause you to cancel the credit card.

If you ever have a question about an unknown problem, call your local IT professional and get their advise.  Most quality IT providers will give you free advise on the correct steps to take.

Also make sure you have a quality anti-virus program installed, Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent choice, and you can also use Malware Bytes.  Both are free to download and use.

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