New “botnet” appears to be extremely hard to detect and remove

New “botnet” appears to be extremely hard to detect and remove

Posted on July 1st, 2011 by admin


Kaspersky, a leader in anti-virus software, is warning about a new “botnet”, a malware program that stealthily manipulates your PC for its own gain. 

This new virus, called TDL-4, has been described by Kaspersky and “virtually indestructible”.  That is a very heady claim to make since many previous malware programs considered tough were eventually tamed and declawed.  It certainly could be difficult, but indestructible?

TDL-4 is reported to have infected 4.5 million computers worldwide in Q1 2011, with 28% of them in the US, that is 1.26 million infections just in the US so far.

Regardless, the sophistication of these new strains of malware are making the anti-virus fight a huge challenge.  The average user typically is unaware of how easy it is to get an infection and even causal internet surfing can expose people to viruses from seemingly safe and innocuous sites.

So what is a person to do?

  1. ALWAYS keep an up to date anti-virus program on your computer.  There are many free and paid for programs that do as good a job as can be expected given the current rage in deployments of malware
  2. ALWAYS do a full scan, daily is best and set it up to do this automatically or you will forget
  3. NEVER allow a program to run or download if you are not 100% sure of the origin.  If you have any questions, call a local IT firm and they should be able to advise you
  4. NEVER – EVER provide your credit card details to a pop-up that claims to be able to clean your computer that is just about to blow up and melt on the floor


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