Protect your phone from malware

Protect your phone from malware

Posted on August 9th, 2011 by admin


Phones are not immune to hacker attacks, they are just as prone as computers to malicious attack but most users either ignore it or do not know the threats.


Only 1/3 of users know that their phones are vulnerable or protect their data and 51% of Android users do not use a screen password.


Here is what you can do to protect your device and data;

- Only download applications from trusted sources.

- After clicking on a web link, pay close attention to the address to make sure it matches the website it claims to be if you are asked to enter account or login information.

- Set a password on your mobile device so that if it is lost or stolen, your data is difficult to access.

- Download a mobile security tool that scans every app you download for malware and spyware and can help you locate a lost or stolen device.

-  Be alert for unusual behaviors on your phone, which could be a sign that it is infected. These behaviors may include unusual text messages, strange charges to the phone bill, and suddenly decreased battery life.

-  Make sure to download firmware updates as soon as they are available for your device.

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