Rebirth of the Loop trolley

Rebirth of the Loop trolley

Posted on February 24th, 2012 by admin

A great deal of planning and fund raising has been going on to help get the Loop trolley back on track and running in St. Louis.

St. Louis ran Peter Witt-type streetcars from 1927 to 1951. The Delmar Loop originally got its name from the streetcar turnaround which occupied two oblong blocks on the north side of Delmar east from Kingsland Avenue.

The loop was used by the Olive-Delmar line. The Creve Coeur line coming south up Kingsland also terminated at the Loop, with the cars backing into it from Kingsland.

Restoring the trolley will be a wonderful addition to the vibrant Loop district.

Take a look at the Loop trolley website for full details.

See the full story at “CBSlocal”: