Some amazing data on Apple as compared to Microsoft

Some amazing data on Apple as compared to Microsoft

Posted on September 30th, 2011 by admin

Apple’s growth has been simply amazing, quoting Dirk Schmidt from Asymco;

“According to his own admission,” Schmidt writes, “Steve Jobs became CEO when Apple was 90 days away from bankruptcy. He resigned 14 years later after leading Apple to becoming the most valuable listed company in the world. From a value creation point of view, it’s hard to think of a better performance from anyone, ever.”

-           The Apple Lisa in 1983 had 1.7 MB of storage
-           The “I” in Apple products, according to Steve Jobs stands for Internet, Individual, Instruct, Inform and Inspire
-           Jobs purchased Pixar from George Lucas for $ 10 million in 1986.  Twenty years later he sold it to Disney for $ 7.4 billion
-           Five years after opening the first Apple store it sold $ 4,032 per square foot, the next closest store that year was Tiffany with $ 2,666 per sq ft
-           The Mac business generates more revenue than Windows
-           iOS devices generate more revenue than all of Microsoft products combined
-           Apple’s revenues grew 413% since Q2 2007 while Microsoft’s grew 26%


See the full story at “Fortune”: