Take ownership of your website

Take ownership of your website

Posted on January 11th, 2012 by admin

Too many companies are held hostage by fear or an inability to make even the most basic changes to their websites, or worse, have no website at all.

The days of complex website design are well past us and there are a wealth of tools for the small business owner to either create a beautiful on line presence or have an existing converted to a format that they can easily manage themselves.

Started around 2003, WordPress has become a hugely popular CMS (Content Management System) that enables website neophytes the ability to create beautiful websites that they can maintain themselves and provides a compelling on line presence. In fact, WordPress powers 22% of all websites in the world.

This website for SwifTechs is 100% dsigned and managed with WordPress.

The facts

- There are 27.5 million small businesses in America who drive 50% of our GDP and 66% of all new jobs
- 97% of Americans say they search online for products and services
- 63% of small businesses DO NOT EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE

Break away from these statistics and have your IT partner help establishing a website that is;

- Cost effective – Since WordPress is free, the only costs with a site graphic development, hosting and possibly purchasing images
- Easy to update – You or someone in your company should be able to do all basic updates
- SEO friendly – Imbedded tools make Search Engine Optimization a snap

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