That’s 1 billion, with a B

That’s 1 billion, with a B

Posted on January 14th, 2012 by admin

It is projected that Facebook will pass the 1 billion user mark in August of this year.  That prediction is based on growth rates calculated by iCrossing using a current user base of 800 million and assumed adoption rates.

At 1 billion, that represents nearly 15% of the world’s population of 6.8 billion people.


If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world just behind China and India and it would be 3 times the size of the US population.

One billion miles would get you to the moon and back 4,000 times!

Google+ has made impressive inroads with an estimated 400 million users in just 18 short months but still a far cry from Facebook’s users.

See the full article at “PC World”: