The 4 P’s to SEO success

The 4 P’s to SEO success

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 by admin


Search Engine Optimization, and the resulting rewards in your search results, requires a steady and consistent approach.  There is no silver bullet so do not be fooled by ads claiming instant elevation to a first page position on Google or thousands of inbound links to get credibility for your site.


Have a plan, set goals, consistently add content and monitor results for fine tuning your on line presence.


The 4 P’s are;

Proactive – Have a schedule of efforts mapped out on your calendar and work with your team to implement and monitor results.

Persistence – This is an ongoing process, don’t think that a few tweaks is all that is needed, stay at it consistently.

Perseverance – You cannot control the search engines results or changing algorithms.  There could be times of no search improvements regardless of your
efforts but don’t let that deter you from adding value.

Patience – Don’t get discouraged, SEO improvements can take time

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