The “G” in Google might stand for green

The “G” in Google might stand for green

Posted on July 16th, 2012 by admin



Google wants to be the most energy efficient company in the world, that is an admirable goal – let’s hope they can do it.

They have invested in multiple energy saving programs and this shows that not only is it good environmental policy, it can help with productivity and efficiencies – aka profits.



Some of their investments and programs include;

- Around 100 double-decker buses that transport employees to and from the campus transporting around 4,500 people per day
- There are 52 electric or hybrid cars on campus that employees can use to run errands
- They have invested around $ 3 to $ 4 million in electric car chargers, the largest corporate electric vehicle infrastructure in the US

This is a great example of environmental awareness and hopefully emulated by other corporations.

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