Steve Jobs remembered one year later

Steve Jobs remembered one year later

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1,000,000,000 – Lots-o-zeros!

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Facebook has reached the 1 billion monthly user threshold. With an estimated 7 billion world population they have 14% market share of the planet.

Monetizing all those users, while a difficult task and more so with the mobile migration, will ultimately result in a massive market opportunity.

FB shares have slid badly since its IPO but if you believe that social media is here to stay, 1 billion end users is not a bad launching platform.

Watch the video Facebook created to celebrate the accomplishment.

See a detailed story at “The Wall Street Journal”

Apple astounds

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What do you get if you add together the market capitalization of these companies?

Microsoft = $ 262
Google = $ 232
HP = $ 36
Dell = $ 19

Total = $ 549 billion

That is still $ 100 BILLION shy of the market cap of Apple, $ 656B, or only 84% the size of Apple. And we did not have the Christmas season yet!

My numbers above do not match the chart, the numbers are from 17 September 2012 market close and the chart is a bit older.

iPhone revenue equals a Fortune 50 company

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If the iPhone was a standalone company it would be bigger than all of Microsoft!

Over the past 12 months iPhone has generated more revenue than all the sales at Microsoft and those sales would rank it as a Fortune 50 company.

Not too shabby for a handheld device.

With iPhone 5 being released today there is no doubt it will continue its amazing pace in sales and user adoption. And let’s face it, they make beautiful devices that people stand in lines to be allowed to purchase.

See the full story at “CNN Money”

Use QR codes in your marketing material

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QR codes, or Quick Response codes are excellent features to add to your marketing collateral.

There are more than 50 million smart phones in the US and a recent study shows that nearly 20% of customer who scanned a QR code made a purchase – that is a big deal.



Codes are easy to generate and here are some pointers on how to use them;

- Have a clear objective, maybe a onetime campaign or discount coupon
- Make sure you have a mobile friendly site or landing page since everyone is coming there from a mobile device
- Give visitors something they cannot get on your regular website
- ALWAYS have a call to action – register, sign up, opt in etc.

Here is great website that allows you to create a wide variety of QR codes for free!

See the full story at “AMEX Open”

Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorious and little Ellie

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Oscar Pistorious made headlines when he raced in the 2012 Olympics, he ran with two carbon fiber prosthetic legs.

A young girl in England had a similar handicap and lost both her legs and hands to meningitis.

Oscar met the young girl and they had a friendly race to the cheers of her family and friends.

What a testament to the human spirit and demonstrating what determination and will power can achieve.

See the full story at “The Huffington Post”

New MSFT logo

Posted on August 23rd, 2012 by admin

Today Microsoft unveiled a new logo in advance of new product launches like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox services.

The logo had not been changed for 25 years and the new look is meant to represent the broad product offering they bring to market.

Personally I think the logo is clean, modern and fits well with today’s crisp look but then again, everyone has an opinion.

See the press release at Microsoft


A penny for your thoughts, or your gigabyte!

Posted on August 22nd, 2012 by admin

Amazon Web Services launched a new storage solution targeted at storing files in a deep freeze, it is called Glacier.

There are tons of files that usually have no current relevance but need to be retained for a host of reasons. Long term storage is just what is needed for this data and it makes no sense to do that storage yourself.

For the staggering cost of $ 0.01 per gigabyte, yes, one red cent for a gigabyte, you can store that “stuff” with Amazon on their Glacier product.

What a great place to store large media files, enterprise archiving, digital images, replacing those useless tape backups that won’t recover anyway and much more.

Here is the link for Glacier and all its details.

See the full story at “Information Week

Hammered – how else can you describe the latest tech IPO stock values!

Posted on July 28th, 2012 by admin

Scuttlebutt about another tech bust abound, the talk is certainly qualified/quantified based on stock performance.

While no one is really a loser until they actually sell, Mr. Zuckerberg lost around $ 1.6 BILLION in just one day – OK so it’s just on paper and he has lots of billions in his other pockets, none the less, that is a massive reversal in net worth. So if he is 28 years old he lost the equivalent of $ 57 million for every year he has been alive or $ 156,000 every DAY he has been on this planet!

The other recent IPO’s have not fared very well with the exception of LinkedIn. The performance of Groupon is about as good as the coupons they offer – 75% off list/IPO price!!

It is tough times for these folks and will likely make new any new IPO a real challenge.

See the full article at “The New York Times

Set up a Facebook page for your business and start selling!

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by admin


Using Facebook as a channel to sell your products or services may be a great way to get extra exposure and new revenue.

Called F-commerce, Facebook business pages have done very well for smaller companies. There are plenty of tools and information available to help get started and it only requires some time and effort on your part so the price is right!

Read the full article at “The New York Times” for insight and tips on how to get started.