Industry Solutions

We provide solutions for several industries that rely on us to decrease their overall costs and increase their productivity.


Today, schools need to address the complex management skills needed when dealing with important student information and documentation. This management is frequently a challenge as it requires dedicated staff and often, scarce resources.

Whatever the type or level of learning environment you represent, whether it is grade school, high school, or college, all share common core challenges that require skilled management.

Some of the challenges within the education marketplace include:

  • Growing enrollment
  • Budget cuts
  • Security of sensitive student information
  • Transition from hard-copy to digital media
  • Workflow system bottlenecks

At DMC we’ve formed many close relationships with the educators in our communities and we’re awfully proud of those relationships. Here are some of the common business solutions we’ve provided for our satisfied clients:

  • Achieved significant cost reductions
  • Controlled budgets and spend predictability
  • Increased service levels dramatically
  • Improved teacher productivity
  • Eliminated unnecessary copying and printing
  • Created and deployed a more ecologically friendly (green) print strategy

Graphic Arts

At DMC we understand the printing industry and we have been fortunate to be partnered with some of the world’s most powerful printing solutions.

In the commercial printing business, we know that time is money and that equipment uptime means even more money for you and your customers!  We also recognize that the quality of every print that you produce is a direct reflection of your business.

This is why we offer customized programs designed to suit your unique business requirements including:

  • Commercial printing equipment & technologies
  • Preferred financing packages
  • Responsive service with experienced  technicians

Whether you’re a large commercial printer or a small design agency, you can win more customers, more jobs, and more pages with Document Management Consultants.  Let us provide you with the information and the resources you need to keep your competitive edge and keep your business running smoothly.

Together, we can help you achieve the business outcomes you desire including:

  • Volume growth
  • Higher margins
  • Improved client retention
  • Secure new markets
  • Competitive differentiation


As a healthcare provider, your primary concern is the care of your patients. Finding the resources to deliver the high-quality care they’ve come to expect isn’t easy. At DMC we offer exclusive Managed Print Services programs specifically designed for healthcare providers that will help reduce expenses while improving staff and caregiver productivity.

Healthcare providers face some common challenges including:

  • Budget cuts and cost controls
  • Transitioning from traditional hardcopy to digital record keeping
  • Security of patients’ personal records
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Reactive consumables expenditures

We can help your business to improve processes and workflows so your team can focus on your primary concern of providing quality healthcare. Our healthcare assessment service will identify your facility’s unique print needs, usage, and actual hard and soft costs. We will then provide you with customized solutions that can streamline your print output and workflow, ensure regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

We have formed close relationships with many of the healthcare providers in our community and we’re proud of those relationships and the work we’ve done to help our clients meet their goals. Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Achieve cost reductions typically in the 30% range
  • Budget control and spend predictability
  • Dramatically increase service levels
  • Improve both staff and caregiver productivity
  • Eliminate unnecessary copying and printing, curb waste
  • Move your business towards a more sustainable print strategy

Large Enterprise

Enterprise printing encompasses all of your businesses printing related output. It includes everything you create using your office printers, MFPs, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and high volume output devices. Today, enterprise printing extends beyond the office. As your employees become more mobile, you’ll need to address their printing concerns. Add to this output, everything you send out for quick printing, offset, mail and distribution and don’t forget the service desk, tech support team and supplies that support it all!

Managing enterprise printing requires time, staff, network bandwidth and resources. Cost control is a concern, but it’s not your core business, it’s ours.

We’ve helped thousands of companies to manage and control enterprise printing with our exclusive DMC Managed Print Services approach. Whether you’re an SMB, or a global corporation, we can implement and maintain a program for your business.

Corporations know they can cut printing costs by as much 10 to 30%, but often they’re unsure where to start. We’ve helped guide companies using our proven process. We’ve helped many organizations to save on document costs and services. We also offer solutions for information storage and document management.

Here’s How We Can Help

First, we conduct a comprehensive print assessment.

We’ll help determine exactly how much printing costs your company. We’ll find the waste and help you to eliminate it. Our assessment determines your Total Cost of Operation calculating both your businesses hard and soft costs. We will conduct end user studies and analyze your company’s workflow.

We design an ideal enterprise print solution specifically for your business.

Once we understand your company’s print needs, your users, and any specialized applications or hardware you need, we then work to design your ideal print environment. This encompasses your entire workplace, including mobile print solutions.

We help you to transition to your new print environment.

Putting in place a new infrastructure is a major project requiring step-by-step training and migration. We are experts at managing change and will provide end-user support, training and ongoing communication to make your transition seamless and without disruption.

We work with you to monitor and improve your print environment.

Your service-level agreement includes proactively monitoring devices, restocking consumables, repairs, customized invoicing, asset tagging and detailed reporting. We work with you through the life of your contract to constantly monitor and improve your enterprise printing, saving you both time and money.


Large or small, the average law office manages enormous amounts of confidential documentation that needs to be kept secure and readily available, and easily accessible when you need it. If you’re an attorney or an administrator, chances are the majority of your time is spent creating, printing, copying, filing, retrieving and modifying client documentation.

Most law firms face similar challenges in today’s complex legal environment including:


  • Time spent searching for and retrieving relevant documents
  • Slow adoption of up-to-date digital technology
  • Control of print related costs including hardware, consumables and waste
  • Storage requirements for hard copy files
  • Security of confidential documents and client records
  • Disaster planning and recovery, backup of critical information

From briefs to contracts and beyond, DMC can help you increase productivity and increase billable hours by converting documents into searchable, easily retrievable digital files. We offer scanning and workflow solutions that enable you to easily scan paper documents into digital files that are stored on a secure server with 24/7 access via the web. Those with permissions, using case numbers, client information, filings or any customizable protocol you designate, can retrieve your documents.

We can implement workflows and protocols to ensure the highest levels of security and make sure you can access the most current version of documents even as they are created, circulated, reviewed, and approved by clients, courts and multiple attorneys, across multiple offices.

Small and mid-sized firms, corporate legal departments and court systems use our solutions. We can help to make your office more productive, streamline out of date processes and reduce both the time needed and the cost of managing content.

Our solutions can help you to manage:

  • Client and practice records
  • Contracts, NDAs and other critical documents
  • Corporate counsel minutes
  • Set-up a full disaster recovery plan including information backup and storage
  • Motions, briefs, filings and court rulings
  • Assist with regulatory compliance
  • Provide and manage electronic documentation


Whether it’s automobiles, aviation or food processing, leading manufacturers trust us to help them to thrive in today’s tough business environment. Here at DMC we provide our manufacturing clients with comprehensive detailed solutions to improve their top and bottom line.

We’ve identified some common challenges that may be keeping your business from becoming the top competitor in your industry.

Here are some common issues in the manufacturing marketplace:

  • Unpredictable print related costs
  • Cost control limitations
  • Poor security putting data and information at risk
  • Avoidable waste
  • Fragmented, uncoordinated purchasing among departments
  • Mobile print needs

We have designed specific management service programs to address these concerns while reducing your print related expenses, streamlining workflows and boosting employee engagement and productivity. We can help your business in the following three areas:

  • Print Management
  • IT Services
  • Document Consulting

We help our clients to achieve success across multiple areas of their operations including:

  • Reduce and control expenses
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance inventory management and controls
  • Accelerate the order-to-cash cycle
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Optimize and maximize product quality


We stand behind those organizations that strive and are committed to helping others. Our non-profit programs are designed to help qualified organizations to maximize their budgets so more funds are made available to those in need.

Here are some of the challenges we’ve encountered working with non-profit organizations:

  • Funding cutbacks and challenges
  • Limited cost controls
  • Fluctuating and unpredictable budgets
  • Underutilized or out-of–date technology
  • Member and organizational data security

At DMC we understand that many smaller yet vitally important non-profit organizations struggle to serve their constituents while trying to maintain their own office processes, technological needs and requirements like compliance issues and accounting. We offer unique creative programs to help these organizations leverage the power of technology to improve workflows, boost productivity, improve their processes and significantly cut costs, freeing more revenue for what really matters.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you to leverage your existing technology and experience to achieve stellar improvements in these areas:

  • Achieve cost reductions typically around 30%
  • Control expenses
  • Develop and maintain predictable operating budgets
  • Increase staff and volunteer engagement and productivity
  • Improve your organization’s service levels

Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Xerox products, software and services can be the added ingredients that help your business grow and flourish. The advantage? You’ll be more competitive while you focus on what matters most: reducing costs, increasing sales, making your team more productive and becoming a greener workplace.

Popular Xerox Products in the SMB Market by Workgroup Size

Small Workgroup

Phaser™ 3250 Powerful little printer provides exceptional value.

Medium Workgroup (4-10 users)

ColorQube™ 8570 Make a solid impression.
Phaser™ 3600 High-value laser printer with high-end performance
Phaser™ 3635MFP Powerful, compact all-in-one solution with color touch screen.
Phaser™ 6180MFP Bold color, easy MFP performance copy/print/scan/fax.
Phaser™ 8560MFP Brilliant solid ink color, multitasking copy/print/scan/fax.

Large Workgroup (10+ users)

ColorQube™ 9301 Make a solid impression.
WorkCentre™ 7500 Series Flexible performance for midsize workgroups.
Phaser™ 5550 Productive, reliable, and packed with value.

Products by Type

Solid Ink

ColorQube™ 8700 Cartridge-free ink creates less printing waste than laser technology
ColorQube™ 8900 Pay less for color pages with flexible pricing plans
ColorQube™ 8570 Make a solid impression
ColorQube™ 8870 Lowest cost of ownership and exceptional color
Phaser™ 8560MFP Outstanding color at your fingertips
Phaser™ 8860MFP Lowest running cost of any color multifunction

Color Multifunction Printers

WorkCentre™ 6505 Multifunction performance plus outstanding color quality and reliability
Phaser™ 6180MFP Bold color. Easy multifunction performance
WorkCentre™ 7500 Series Flexible performance for midsize workgroups

Black and White Printers

Phaser™ 3600 High-value laser printer with high-end performance
Phaser™ 4510 The printer that works harder, smarter, and always delivers

Black and White Multifunction Printers

Phaser™ 3635MFP Powerful, compact all-in-one solution with color touch screen

Solutions by Type

Cost & Access Control

Equitrac Office Advanced management for all device features (copy, print, scan, fax) and document cost control
Print Audit 5 Comprehensive print management solution to analyze, reduce and recover printing costs

Device Management

Xerox CentreWare® Web Multi-vendor output device management software

Scanning & Document Management

Xerox DocuShare® Express Web-based document management for Small Businesses
Xerox Scan to PC Desktop® Digitize documents for organizing, editing or archiving
Xerox SMARTDocument Travel Express Powerful entry-level document scanning software for any organization wanting to automate document capture workflows


Captaris® RightFax® Leader in network fax server and electronic document delivery
Streem Alert® Delivers critical and routine information via phone, PDA, pager, email, MFP, or fax