Network Management

SwifTechs is a St. Louis complete network monitoring and support provider. Both Computers and Copiers require ongoing maintenance to run efficiently.

Proactive maintenance & monitoring

After establishing a stable and secure system, keeping it stable and secure is our main priority. SwifTechs proactive maintenance and monitoring ensures that the system stay at peak performance. We are automatically alerted to potential problems before they develop or as they happen, and many times we resolve them before you even know a problem occurred. Our daily maintenance routines run on all Workstations and Servers so your employees stay focused on driving your business.

Minimize unbudgeted IT expense

Because we are proactively maintaining your network, we catch and quickly resolve small problems before they become big problems, before employees are unproductive and before the system crashes.

This maintenance and monitoring keeps you better secured to avoid costly viruses, spyware and other attacks. Our philosophy is to avoid unnecessary, expensive repairs, excessive troubleshooting and other costly IT problems that plague companies who ignore or fail to complete regular maintenance and monitoring.

The days of “wait until it breaks” and then deal with it are gone. In today’s fast paced market your will be over taken by competitors in a heartbeat if you are down for an extended period of time.