Our Process

SwifTechs employes a multi-tiered process that helps us determine your needs so we can provide the best IT support for your company.

Our Process


In today’s market there are a wide range of technology options available. It’s important to properly assess the technologies you use now and those you will use in the future, to ensure that your network works seamlessly together.

  • First, we’ll meet with you and discuss your business goals and expectations for your IT infrastructure.
  • Then we review all technical aspects of your company’s current IT environment and identify areas causing possible concern or requiring improvement.
  • Finally, we generate a report and set a meeting to discuss with you our recommendations and implementation plan.


It can be difficult to determine the best options for your business with all of today’s technology options. Swiftechs take the time to configure the most-cost effective options that provide the most reliable computing environment over the entire computing lifecycle.


Deployment is critical since it can affect the long-term scalability and reliability of your entire computing environment. Your network will be configured according to your specific business needs as discussed in the assessment process.


We can manage all of your technology needs so you can focus on managing your business. By using a single vendor to manage your computing environment, you can expect reliability of business processes for all of your critical business applications.


With rapid changes in technology, it is difficult to stay on top of the latest security and virus protection needs. SwifTechs configures and manages the security of your computing environment to provide the highest level of protection.


SwifTechs provide one point of contact for your support needs, and our dedicated connection to your office allows us to fix most problems remotely. You no longer need to determine who to call or face the common frustration of “finger pointing.” With our remote monitoring services, we make every attempt to address problems before you notice them.


SwifTechs manage your equipment lifecycle to ensure consistency and current technology. We provide disposal services at the beginning and end of your process according to your needs. Many industries have new regulations that require additional measures to ensure disposed systems are free of confidential data. We help with the entire process to remove all data from your systems before disposal. We will also make sure that end of life equipment is disposed of in accordance with good environmental practices and in accordance to all regulations.