Data Backup

Data Backup

A robust set of backup procedures that protect all the valuable data within your environment from both external and internal threats. Data is stored both onsite and offsite for maximum security and the ability to rapidly recover when a system fails.

SwifTechs employs a three phase strategy to ensure your data is securely stored.

Swift Image™ – A comprehensive hardware and software solution providing multiple levels of backup for fault redundant security of critical data enabling fast recovery of data or mission critical server functionality.

Swift Image™ is comprised of three components and based on industry leading data backup, encryption and archival tools.

  1. Daily local backups – For daily backups we use 5 external drives, one for each day of the week. These backups are taken offsite by an employee and rotated daily.
  2. Monthly full backup and server image – This device is rotated on a monthly basis and stored offsite in a fireproof safe. Each month our engineer rotates the drives and verifies that the image is complete and ready for installation if needed.
  3. Offsite 3rd party storage – The third component of the Swift Image™ solution is an additional level of data security, “cloud” storage. This is a daily data backup and only deals with files that have been changed or added.