Simple ways to prepare for disaster

Simple ways to prepare for disaster

Posted on July 11th, 2012 by admin


The question to ask is not “if” but “when” disaster will happen how will you recover.

Disaster is not necessarily a tornado ripping through your office, it could be a water sprinkler that soaks your server or a small localized fire that burns all your records.



Here are some ideas and information that should stimulate your planning;

- Are you ready? More than 25% of small businesses have experienced a disaster, emergency or interruption that reduced revenue in the past two years

- Do you have a business continuity plan? Facts – 63 percent of small businesses with under 20 employees don’t have a business continuity plan, and nearly one-third of companies with 20-99 employees don’t have one.

- Are you properly insured? Facts – More than 25 percent of the disasters at small businesses cost $100,000 or more.

- Do you have verified data backups in place? Facts – More than 40 percent of small businesses and 63 percent of very small businesses don’t back up their data daily.

Take the time and get a plan in place, you can ask for assistance from your IT support team to define and implement a robust disaster recover strategy and working plan.

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